Educate atleast one child to make him a responsible citizen: Ahmad Qazi

On the third anniversary of Army Public School attack in Peshawar, Ahmad Qazi asks everyone to pledge that they would educate atleast one child.

Ahmad Qazi is the son of Tahira Qazi, Principal of Army Public School who gave up her life to save children in the most terrifying attack in the history of Pakistan.

On his social media account regarding 16 December he leaves a very important message for his followers, “If someone wants to condole with me three years after this incident please do so by making a resolve and committing to it that in the coming year you will take the responsibility of educating atleast one child. By educating I mean making him eligible to logically think and question his surroundings, make him a responsible citizen of this world, and make him respect humans beyond religions. It’s upto you how you do it … but let’s counter the ideology that has and continues to take our loved ones away from us … Let’s beat it together.”

Education is the key to progress for a family and a nation. It will help children to analyze their surroundings and rise beyond religions to respect humanity.

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