Fog, cold put life out of gear

SIALKOT-The entire Sialkot region was blanketed in dense fog and smog with zero visibility due to which all the road, rail and air traffic remained halted on Friday.
According to the management of Sialkot International Airport, most of the passenger and cargo flights of the different airlines including Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Emirates, Qatar Airways, Fly Dubai and Air Arabia were delayed in their arrival and departure.
Most of the aircrafts of the airplanes remained parked at the airport’s runways. On the other hand, a large number of the male and female passengers remained stranded for several hours in cold, foggy and smoggy weather due to the inordinate delay in their flights for the foreign destinations.
They complained that the management was informing them about delay in the departure of the flights from the airport. The dense fog blanketed the entire Sialkot region due to which all the air, road and railway traffic remained suspended. The attendance in the government and private offices and educational institutions remained very thin. People preferably stayed indoor and enjoyed the foggy, cold and misty weather without electricity and gas.
Lineman electrocuted,
another hurt
A Gepco lineman namely Albert Maseeh (35) was electrocuted while another lineman Irfan Lateef (31) suffered burn wounds after receiving severe a electrical shock during work.
They were repairing the main electrical cable near a private medical college on main Sialkot-Daska Road. Both of the Gepco linemen were busy repairing the cable when they received electrical shock. As a result, Albert died on the spot while Irfan Lateef received serious burn wounds.
The rescuers removed the body trapped in cable and electrical poll. The injured was shifted to Daska Civil Hospital in critical condition.

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