Gender Discrimination

Our county has the highest gender gap nation among 144 nations of the Globe. This news did not come as a shock for anyone who lives here, as we see women being treated as a tissue paper on daily basis. Despite outnumbering the men of country, a woman has to face more hurdles than a man. A recent incident of Mahira Khan and Nouman Ali Khan is a clear example of it. The leading actress of the country was slut-shamed just because she was dressed in a way that Pakistani public doesn’t approve and damaging none other than her own lungs. While a renowned, Pakistan-American Scholar who should be setting examples for the young generation was found harassing women, getting into inappropriate conversations, not with just one but multiple ladies. No one is sure of the background story of both but by the opinion of general public it seemed like woman living her life is a worse crime than a preacher toying with women. Even after multiple educational and awareness campaigns, society has refused to change.  Not any government of one person can change this, but us as a nation has to be more welcoming and less judgmental be it men or women. Educational institutes can play a vital role in producing a non-judgmental, open-minded nation that knows what to and when to criticize.

Mariam ibad khan,

8th December


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