IMCTC’s fault-line

 Islamic Military for Counter Terrorism Coalition (I.M.C.T.C) gathered by Crown Prince Muhammed Bin Salman on 26/11/2017 in Riyadh of 40 Muslim Countries to wipe out terrorism from the face of earth in order to work together to support the military, financial, intelligence and political efforts, with the exclusion of Iran, Syria and Iraq while including of Afghanistan, Uganda, Somalia, Mauritania,, Lebanon, Libya, Yamen and Turkey, by accusing Iran of supporting armed groups of Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Yemen’s Houthi rebels with noticed absence of Qatri representative and Egypt’s military official presence and not its defense minister. In this regard General Raheel Sharif remarked it is not against any country or any sect. 

However, the off-putting point here is that of fault -line one can hardly observe though not glaring, is its DIRECTION. If IMCTC is directed against certain countries or against certain sect, this venture will play havoc with not only to that sect but also with humanity on the earth. What, I hate to say but have to say, miserably foresee that fight is not against universal terror or extremism rather it is directed with specific calculation. It is calculated against certain sect notwithstanding the remarks General Raheel Sharif held. This drive will set Muslims against Muslims of all over Muslim world, which will eventually lead to kind of unqualified loss in terms of lives, finance and faith. 

Let’s not forget here two significant facts: the war against doctrine is never won with arms; If one sect how much strong it may look is set against another latter will surely be then after supported by the anti- Islamic actors. 

In this regard, all the countries must have too be very meticulous to make a use of its military, finance and intelligence to avoid interference and possibilities of being misused. 

If the Muslim Ummah is truly honest to wipe out terrorism from soil, the IMCTC must have to address the state terrorism: the state terrorism in Indian Occupied Kashmir, Palestine and Afghanistan. 

Secondly, All the Muslim Countries must have to restrain from pursuing the policies of interference by sending its troops or helping of any kind in other states. 

Thirdly, All the Muslim countries have to set its home in order ensure peace, pluralistic and moderate society. 

Jingoistic mentality against one sect of same religion will bring destruction to humanity. If sanity fails to prevail it will lead to a third world war: WW-III will be in between Muslims, on immediate CAUSE of suppression of certain sect , with faith of same religion a major casualty. 


Karachi, November 28. 

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