Islooiites face severe water shortage

Islamabad – The sources of potable water which feed the capital city are currently operating at half their capacity amid poor supply through the tankers, multiplying intensity of the crisis, The Nation has learnt.

According to sources in the Capital Development Authority, supply from Simly Dam and Khanpur Dam has been reduced to almost half the capacity — around one fourth of the demand — as water level has lowered at both the reservoirs. Islamabad is getting less than 35million gallons against a demand of 120 million gallons per day for over 2 million residents. About 25 water pumps out of total 192 and 27 water tankers out of 35 are currently out of order, leaving the residents helpless.

Around 18 tube-wells have completely collapsed. The overall shortage of water in the city is reportedly 60 million gallons per day. Water is supplied to Islamabad from Simly and Khanpur dams, water reservoirs from Shahdara and Nurpur and through 192 tube wells.

A water project with the help of the World Bank is in the pipeline since years under which pipelines would be laid to bring water from Ghazi Barotha canal to the twin cities.

Sindh has been a hurdle in the execution of the project as it is yet to give consent to go ahead with the project.

According to sources, a water committee comprising members of the Metropolitan Corporation was also constituted in recent past to resolve the issue of water shortage. But the authorities disbanded it when the members started to divert water supply to their union councils and ignoring the rest of the city.

The residents of the sectors at the tale of the supply lines have to wait for days for water. Illegal means to acquire water such as puncturing the main water lines is also one of the reasons for poor water supply in the city.

Meanwhile, Mayor Islamabad and acting Chairman CDA paid a surprise visit to Lake View Park and terminated two temporary employees who were found absent from duty. He directed that all officials of MCI must wear proper uniform while performing duties. Expressing his dissatisfaction on the poor cleanliness of the park, he directed the officials to remove the overgrown bushes, trim trees and improve the cleanliness of Lake View Park within a span of one week. He directed the concerned officers to sweep the park everyday and the security staff to remain vigilant during duty to provide a clean and safe environment to park visitors.

The Mayor also directed to submit details of licenses and other details of kiosks established at Lake View Park.

He also directed the park management to ensure the hygiene of edible items at concessional rates.  Directing the Executive Director General Environment to personally monitor up-gradation of parks, and attendance of employees, he ordered strict disciplinary proceedings against two regular workers of the Authority and sought report in this regard.

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