AJKCCI develops integrated industrial development plan

MIRPUR – An integrated industrial plan has been developed by the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and industry (AJKCCI) with the coordination of AJK government to encourage and promote local and foreign investment in trade and industrial sector especially by the UK-based Kashmiri expatriates.

AJKCCI Secretary Chaudhry Shafique told APP here on Saturday that chamber had already moved recommendations to the government by devising a strategy for early revival of over 70 sick industrial units located in Mirpur and Bhimbher districts.

He said various proposals of AJK government had assured to encourage and boost the foreign investment in the trade and industrial sector in AJK and colossal funds had already been placed in the ongoing financial year 2017-18 budget. Shafique said the government was taking all possible steps for the early revival of sick industrial units in Mirpur and Bhimbher.

The government had focused to promote the industrial activities in Mirpur and Bhimbher districts under the spirit to provide more job opportunities to the unemployed skilled and unskilled persons, he added.

He disclosed that the chamber had also moved to the AJK administration for formation of a high level committee comprising officials of commerce and industry, electricity, finance, taxation to inquire about the problems of the local corporate sector especially the existing and intending industrialists.



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