APS tragedy united nation against terror: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD – Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage has said that remembrance of martyrs of APS would continue to strengthen the resolve of the nation till the last terrorist is eliminated.

Addressing a ceremony to mark the issuance of health entitlement cards for the journalists under a memorandum of understanding signed between PIMS and National Press Club here Sunday, she said the tragedy had galvanized the people to stand united against the terrorists and the innocent martyrs would always remain in the heart of the nation.

She said, “We pay tribute to the martyrs who made sacrifices in the war against terrorism and pledge to eliminate the menace completely.”

The minister participated in the collective prayer for the martyrs and said that the entire nation was standing with the martyrs and their families and the war against terrorism would continue. Marriyum paid tributes to the security forces, law enforcement agencies and the people of Pakistan for the sacrifices that they had rendered during the last four years. She said that as a consequence of their efforts the country would get rid of terrorism in the near future and become a cradle of peace.

Marriyum said that the PML-N government had always raised its voice for the rights and security of the journalists as it firmly believed in the freedom of expression. She added that it was the responsibility of the state to resolve the difficulties confronting the journalists.

The minister said that in conformity with the vision of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, people from different areas of the country were issued health cards to provide health facilities to them.

She said that the issuance of health cards to the journalists would ensure officer level health facilities to 2800 members of the press club and with this step the journalists had got their due rights. She said that the government was also taking adequate measures for the safety of the journalists and providing them congenial atmosphere for the discharge of their professional assignments. She said the process of consultation with the law ministry was in progress regarding legislative bill for the security of the journalists.

She pointed out that the Punjab chief minister had set a worth emulating example in the health sector and the federal government was benefiting from his services for providing basic health facilities to the people. She said the province, which had done good work, must be appreciated and the others should also try to follow its example.

The minister said that government was paying special attention to the improvement of health and education facilities in all the provinces because these sectors had a vital role in development of the country. She said the continuity of democracy benefited the masses and all the segments of the society would have to make collective efforts for betterment of the country.

Earlier in a message issued on the eve of third anniversary of APS tragedy, the minister said that terrorism was a conspiracy of the enemies against Islam, Pakistan and its people and the terrorists had targeted Pakistan indiscriminately without caring for colour, creed, sect, ethnicity, religion, age group and gender of the victims.

She said, “Students of APS are our young martyrs and the heart-rending tragedy of APS arrayed the nation to fight against the scourge of terrorism with unity. The nation would remember the sacrifices of the innocent students of APS for ever and would not rest till the elimination of the scourge of terrorism from the country.”

The minister said that the measures taken in line with the vision of the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and the unparalleled sacrifices rendered by the armed forces and the law enforcement agencies, peace had been restored in the country. She said sacrifices of the soldiers and officers of the armed force would not go in vain. The martyrs exhibited exemplary courage and valour and the nation presents a salute of devotion to all the martyrs, including the students of APS.

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