Parliament failed to shoulder responsibilities: CJP

In his address to a ceremony in Lahore on Saturday, Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Saqib Nisar has said that the responsibility for lawmaking rests with the parliament while the job of the judiciary is to root out any flaws in those laws, but the parliament is not playing its part for reasons obvious.

He proposed that if parliament is unable to play their role then they should form an independent team that is fully dedicated for the sole purpose of reforming the laws and is an expert body. He added that the law and justice system should be made independent so it is made more sophisticated.

The Chief Justice asserted that there is two kind of illness, that of body and of the soul and, corruption, dishonesty and lies are the illnesses of the soul and Allah Almighty has sent the judges as the messihas for such illnesses.

He further said that it is a noble duty so one shouldn’t make it a source of illegal income thereby corrupting its nobility.

He further stressed that judges should not only do their job but deeply understand others’ sufferings with compassion and empathy and added that if reforms are not brought in the law then people would keep bearing the cost. 

Chief Justice emphasised that corruption is a scourge in the country and must be eradicated and said that properties are being grabbed by fake signatures.

CJP Nisar instructed the judges to be vigilant in their duties to carry out the writ of the law and said that the plight of those who return from courts without justice cannot be understood by anyone but them.

The honorable Chief Justice then informed that many cases were pending in courts for years citing the example of a widow who did not receive pension for 11 years and asked if it was justice.

The CJP further said that he prays to Allah Almighty that Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) system remains intact and is not discontinued.

He went on to say that it is the best and the most reliable system and only needs some improvement. 

Earlier, Chief Justice Saqib Nisar had said in another ceremony in Lahore that abusing and disrespecting judiciary is not a good precedent while lashing out at those issuing anti-judiciary remarks.

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