PML-N must come out of uncertainty: Nisar

ISLAMABAD –  Former interior minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz central leader Ch. Nisar Ali Khan Saturday said that the state of indecision on the part of ruling party would be detrimental to the system.

In a statement issued here, Ch. Nisar Ali Khan, who differs with the party policy of taking hostile line against the institutions, said on one hand the leadership was taking position against confrontation with the institutions and termed it detrimental to the system while on the other hand coming up with hostile and hard-hitting statements against institutions and adding to the state of uncertainty and confusion.

Ch. Nisar Ali Khan suggested that the party has to come out of this state of uncertainty and despondency as well as pull out the government out of it as well. He said that a state of uncertainty would be harmful to both the party as well as the incumbent political dispensation.

Ch. Nisar said that he has time and again said to the party leadership that if some decision of court came against the party leadership instead of criticising the institution efforts would be made to secure justice from other court.

He said that he did not know in what frame the party would place the apex court decision in Hudaibya Papers Mills case, adding that the decision in the case has vindicated his position but still not know what would be the formal reaction of the party on it. He said that country was passing through a very critical phase and all the political stakeholders have to act with prudence rather taking emotions-driven decisions to steer the country out of this crisis and to also pull the nation out of the atmosphere of confusion and despondency.

Meanwhile, Ch. Nisar Ali Khan also inaugurated the Chakri Road widening project which was completed with the estimated cost of Rs82 crore and dubbed it a gift to the people of the area from Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government.

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