Post office facility

 Through your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw the kind attention of the Postmaster General to the following problems in connection with postal facility being faced by the residents of the Gulshan-e-Ravi Lahore. 

That Gulshan-e-Ravi scheme was started in the 1980 for residential purpose and approved by Lahore Development Authority. It was almost completed by residents many years back. LDA has provided all facilities to the residents except post office facility. Since the date of its existence, the residents are deprived of this facility. In order to post an ordinary letter one has to reach Multan Road Post Office. This post office is situated for from the residents of the scheme and has become difficult by the old aged and senior citizen to get the postal requirements. 

Last two or three years one branch of post office was opened on the main boulevard Road Gulshan-e Ravi by which the people got relief in service and its operation was successful, but regret to say that soon after it was closed by the authority concerned reason was not understood. 

It may be mentioned here that Sabza zar Scheme was started recently and still under developing stages and one post office branch is opened there. It is worth mention that not a single letter Box is placed in this area to post letters etc. It was many times requested to the concerned Authorities through letters/medias and regrets to say that no attention was made by them to this issue. Post Office Department is a public service department of the Federal Government and there should not be consideration of profit/loss in its business . 

Keeping in view of the genuine problem of the residents, postal concerned authorities are requested to open one branch of the post office and letter box be placed at prominent place at Main boulevard Road Gulshan-e-Ravi for easy convenient to the residents. 


Lahore, December 1. 

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