Schools warned over hackable heating

LONDON:-Dozens of British schools’ heating systems have been found to be vulnerable to hackers, according to a probe by a security research firm. Pen Test Partners says the problem was caused by the equipment’s controllers being connected to the wider internet, against the manufacturer’s guidelines. It says it would be relatively easy for mischief-makers to switch off the heaters from afar. But an easy fix, pulling out the network cables, can address the threat.

Even so, the company suggests the discovery highlights that building management systems are often installed by electricians and engineers that need to know more about cyber-security.
“It would be really easy for someone with basic computer skills to have switched off a school’s heating system – it’s a matter of clicks and some simple typing,” Pen Test’s founder Ken Munro told the BBC.
“It’s a reflection of the current state of internet-of-things security.

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