Trump’s disaster recipe and mantra of Muslim leaders

Leaders of the Muslim World unanimously declared Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital at the OIC in Istanbul.

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi also demonstrated utmost solidarity with Palestine and told the forum decisively that with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as the capital of Palestine remains the only roadmap for the Muslim world and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan called upon the Muslim member nations to discuss the issue. He has been a fierce advocate of the Palestinian cause and expressed his firm solidarity with the people of Palestine. The conference of 57-member OIC was held to demonstrate unity and express a unified response from the Muslim world to Trump’s hugely controversial decision.

The international community has shown concern over Trump’s unilateral decision to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Pakistan reaffirmed its original stance for the establishment of an independent state of Palestine by international rules and regulations and historical agreements with Al Quds as its capital.

Criticising the US efforts to meddle with the historical facts, PM Abbasi reprimanded the US that it was a blatant attempt to change the past events and lawful status of Jerusalem.

There is no doubt that Pakistan has always demonstrated unwavering and staunch support for the Palestinian people and their legitimate cause for their homeland.

This unilateral and foolish attempt of President Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is not only a reversal of America’s decades of policy on the issue, but it also puts question mark on America’s highly controversial stance at the United Nation’s Security Council.

In the last 50-years ago, the 15-member council has adopted resolutions, which have been aiming to prevent Israel from claiming sovereignty over the entire holy city. The Security Council has condemned Israel for its illegal actions as it continued to increase its ascendance over struggling Palestine by adding in more territories over the time and constructed city after city.

The United Nations’ position as an institution is at stake if it fails to recognise its declarations dating back to 50 years. How can America handpick the resolution of its choice?

Though, Jewish historians claim it to be the part of Israel sighting the expulsion of Jews from East Jerusalem for merely 19-years after the Jordan’s Arab legion conquered the sacred city. However, it is unbelievable that how unforgettable the Jews are of Muslim rule and conquest of the Holy city prior to and in between the presence of Jew population in the area.

However, after 1967 Arab war, Jews were told to evacuate the Palestinian territories. From November 22, 1967, to December 23, 2016, nine United Nations resolutions were passed which ordered eviction of Jews from the occupied land. But, it continued its construction and on behest of America and its strong lobbies in the states did not shun its illegal actions in Palestinian land.

Trump’s unilateral decision is apparently compromising and biased in favour of Israel. He has full filled another election campaign pledge where it promised the nation to relocate the US embassy there from its current location in Tel Aviv.

Muslim nations including Pakistan have reprimanded the world and United Nations over the illegal and apparently dangerous declaration of Trump to change the status of Jerusalem.

Failure of US and United Nations to formulate a two-nation design that settles the issue has eluded the peace process for decades. With no solution in sight and despite producing the most robust response yet to President Trump’s decision thus far, Muslim nations are unable to pressurise the US diplomatically to review its stance on this decision, which will undoubtedly bring more bloodshed and chaos in the already highly unstable region. It is not a simple declaration to change a capital city but apparently a recipe for future disaster in the Middle East. 

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