Anti-Nawaz, pro-Imran verdicts irk PML-N

RAHIM YAR KHAN/ Bahawalpur –  Minister of State for Federal Education Balighur Rehman inaugurated the academic block building of Islamia University Bahawalpur (IUB)’s Rahim Yar Khan Campus near Abu Dhabi palace here on Sunday.

He said that there was so-called democratic government from 2008 to 2013 as it came to power as a result of black law of General Musharraf and General Kayani. That was a compromised government which could not deliver anything. He said that the right to oust Nawaz Sharif as prime minister should have been in the hands of people but some important people made the decisions against the elected prime minister. He said that there was no corruption in Iqama issue but a small technical reason in it affected him.

Similarly, he said, Jahangir Tareen was involved in big corruption which he admitted but he was disqualified on the charge of a small mistake. He said General Ayub had deprived the South Punjab of a big share of water after a treaty of Sutlej and Bias Rivers. But, he added, the PML-N government was completing a project of Rs 4 billion in which a tube in Mailsi will be completed to resolve the deficiency of water issue for South Punjab.

He said that his government provided Rs726 million additional grant for IUB RYK campus and assured that each classroom be state-of-the-art. He said that there was less work on applied research in the universities and we were not getting benefits from many PhD scholars regarding their knowledge and research.

Pakistan is an emerging market now and all financial indicators are boosting positively, he said. He added that financial revenues of the country are increasing and will be Rs 4,000 billion in 2018.

IUB Vice Chancellor Dr Qaiser Mushtaq said that the academic block building completed with the amount of Rs173 million but there was a long delay in its completion.

After this two hostels, library, student service center, administrative block, advanced computer lab, cafeteria, bank and three playing grounds will also be completed, he said. He said that there are 9 different departments delivering education in many disciplines.

Addressing a ceremony of the Sports Gala at Dring Stadium Bahawalpur, Baligur Rehman said that the Punjab Government was spending Rs8.5 billion on the promotion of sports culture on the modern basis to utilise the energy of youth in positive and constructive manner. They will get a chance to express their sports talent and to improve upon it for which they will have strong and permanent sports infrastructure, he said.

He said that all the resources will be utilized for the constitution of strong and lasting knowledge-based economy for the youth’s healthy and balanced curricular and co-curricular activities. He added that for healthy and creative mind, physical fitness is necessary for which games play an important role.

He further said that in the current fiscal year, the government of Punjab has started several projects including cricket ground, E-Library, Sports Complex and Gymnasium which are in progress. He appreciated Mayor Bahawalpur Aqeel Najam Hashmi for successfully organising the sports gala.

Addressing the ceremony, Deputy Commissioner Rana Muhammad Saleem Afzal said that in Bahawalpur several sports projects are underway. Mayor Bahawalpur Aqeel Najam Hashmi said that sports gala was a positive and constructive step in the history of Bahawalpur.




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