Double standard application of law invites criticism: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD – Talking to private TV channels, Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb said that double standard application of the law for disqualification invited criticism.

She said that under which law Imran Khan had not been disqualified, the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should also had not been disqualified under the same law.

She said that the reaction and voice of the people on both these decisions made the difference quite obvious, adding, that when the verdict in the case of Nawaz Sharif was delivered there was a severe reaction among the masses at the grass-root level, which still persisted. The Minister said that when Constitutional organs of the State hurled epithets like Sicilian Mafia and God Father without any solid evidence then the reaction of the people for their elected leaders was expected. She said that nobody was satisfied with those decisions.

Marriyum said that the disqualification of Nawaz was not on Panama but “iqama”.

Marriyum said that it was a travesty of justice that would have far reaching ramifications in times to come.

Imran Khan admitted that he owned Niazi services to buy flats which he sold to get bani gala flats, but the decision said that because he was not a Director or a share holder but only beneficial owner, therefore, it could not be considered as his asset, she added.

Nawaz Sharif owned no off shore company, nor he was a Director, share holder or beneficial owner but was disqualified on Iqama and on not receiving salary from his son’s company which could have not been his asset by any definition of tax law of Pakistan, she stressed. Marriyum said that the decision against Nawaz spread despondency and restiveness among the masses and the sea of people that flocked the GT Road came out because an elected Prime Minister had been disqualified on the basis of “iqama”.

Referring to Hudabiya case, she said that now that it had been dismissed all other references and cases filed by NAB on the basis of Hudabiya should also be quashed.

Marriyum said that it was 14th time that a relief had been given on Hudabiya ,adding, that it was an open and shut case. She said that there could not be two scales in law.

She said that the biggest fault and crime of Nawaz Sharif was that he was a popular leader and some people found it difficult to live with.  The Minister said that PML-N would win 2018 elections on the basis of its performance and it would go into the elections with a narrative of sanctity of vote.

The Minister expressed the hope that the delimitation Bill would be passed by the Senate next week as the political parties in their meeting with Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbassi had played a very positive role.

She said that the passage of the Bill would ensure timely holding of the elections which would be in the interest of democracy, Parliament and all the institutions.

Marriyum said that it was a political process which needed to be continued and all the parties should play their due role in the Parliament.

She said that some people feared that in Senate elections in March the PML-N would achieve a thumping victory and consequently also win the general elections.

The Minister said that PML-N never relied on falsehood and would win next elections on the basis of its performance.

Marriyum also highlighted the performance of Punjab Chief Minister.


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