HTVs entry banned in Murree

Rawalpindi-In order to ensure safety of passengers and to facilitate the tourists, City Traffic Police imposed a ban on entry of heavy transport vehicles and buses in Murree.

In this regard, special instructions were issued to traffic wardens by the City Traffic Police while the tourists have also been advised to avoid coming through motorcycles, heavy vehicles and buses. The CTP spokesman said that the tourists had been asked to keep pressure of air in tyre at moderate level. The vehicle must be fit in condition and the battery must be fully charged and new to avert any inconvenience.

He said that entry of heavy vehicles and trucks had also been banned during day times and drivers of heavy vehicles and trucks had been directed not to go to Murree during day times. The step has been taken to avoid any sort of inconvenience to the tourists, he explained.

Only expert drivers must visit Murree during snowfall while visitors should avoid wrong and double parking. He said that the Chief Traffic Officer Rawalpindi Yousaf Ali Shahid had urged the tourists to avoid making selfies while parking vehicles in middle of the road. The tourists have been asked to bring vehicles being run on petrol as fuel. The CTO advised the tourists to strictly obey traffic rules during snowfall or bad weather condition in Murree, the spokesman said.

He said that all out efforts were being made to provide traffic-related facilities to the visitors. The tourists can contact CTP Murree on 051-9269200 for assistance, help, guidance and information, he said.

The vehicles parked on either side of the roads reduce space available for vehicles to move forward, he said.

He said that under a comprehensive traffic plan devised for Murree for the winter season, wardens, inspectors and deputy superintendents of traffic police have been deployed to manage the flow of traffic in the most attractive resort which attracts thousands of tourists in both summer and winter. A control room has been set up for the purpose in the area, he added.

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