Margot misses Australia

LOS ANGELES-Margot Robbie has admitted she is finding it hard to view Hollywood as her home.

The 27-year-old actress – who was born in Australia – moved from London to Los Angeles with her husband Tom Ackerley earlier this year after she became sick of staying in hotel rooms when she was working in the city.

Now, the ‘I, Tonya’ star has admitted she is struggling to adjust to life in LA, but says married life is helping slightly as she feels as though she has more of a home now.

She said: ‘’[LA] is where I am currently residing; it’s difficult to grow roots here. I guess being married changed things.’’

Margot hasn’t been back to her home country since she secretly tied the knot with Tom in December 2016, and admits being away from the familiarity of the country is ‘’killing’’ her.

She added: ‘’It’s the longest I have ever gone being away from home and it’s killing me.’’

The ‘Suicide Squad’ actress would love to able to visit home ‘’every couple of months’’, and admits she finds it hard to miss out on family gatherings.

Speaking to Stellar magazine, she said: ‘’To be away during those things sucks. But even the small things suck. Like, I miss Burger Rings, I miss Nutri-Grain! I can’t wait to go back.’’

It comes after the blonde beauty recently described her fame as ‘’bittersweet’’, as although she finds it ‘’difficult’’ to be away from her family so much, the long distance between her work and her home means she can make sure to separate the two parts of her life.

She said: ‘’It’s bittersweet living outside of Australia, because I miss everyone so much, but the fact that they are so removed from it helps me keep my life and my work separate – even though they are intrinsically linked, because all I want to do is work all the time.’’


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