Parliament to complete term despite odds: Rabbani

ISLAMABAD –  Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani on Sunday said that despite all the odds, the parliament would complete its term.

He, while addressing the inaugural session of the Summit of All Pakistan Women Chambers of Commerce and Industry, said that when the sword of Damocles hangs over the democratic system, its effects were not only seen on the parliament but became visible all over the country.

Rabbani said that the country could not move ahead unless there was rule of law and uniform system of governance and accountability for all the segments of the society.

“If there is no rule of law, the system cannot sustain, which tantamount to no economic development and social prosperity in the country,” the senate chairman remarked.

The business community, he said, must be consulted during the process of making budgetary proposals by the parliamentary committees.

Rabbani however lamented that the parliament had also the complaints that the executive did not consult it on national issues.

“I have always called for and respected the collective decision making as it is the best tool to make correct decisions and the individual decisions are never a replacement for collective decision making process,” the senate chairman observed.

He said that the country had experienced democratic rule in intervals as dictatorial regimes interrupted the democratic system every 10 years and for long periods of time. 

Rabbani said that women were more than half of the population, and were playing an active role in different spheres of life.

He said that extending more opportunities to women in the political process would pave the way for their active participation in the efforts of economic stability and revival.

Rabbani said the nations face difficulties and inertias but the democratic process must continue so that the national development and economic prosperity was not hampered.

He said that all the relevant organisations must play their role to revive the confidence of the business community and facilitate them for promoting the economic activity in the country.

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