‘Political ups, downs shouldn’t affect ideology’

WAZIRABAD – Ups and downs in political parties are part of politics. But they shouldn’t affect the ideology. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is the main stream political party of Pakistan, which is the representative of lower middle class.

This was stated by Ijaz Ahmed Cheema, PPP candidate from NA-101 constituency, during a media talk at Wazirabad Press Club here the other day. PPP City  President Idrees Farooq was also present on the occasion.

Mr Cheema said that bad political circumstances are not new for political parties. “This is part of politics but they should not affect political ideology of a political party,” he asserted, adding that there should not be any decline in ideology and the leadership of the political parties should wait for appropriate time.

He said that the PPP started its politics from lower middle class with the slogan of “Roti, Kapra and Makan” which still exists. “Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto gave the common man access to passport. People went abroad for work and earned livelihood for their families and built their houses,” he said. He claimed that ZA Bhutto raised living standards of the people belonging to the lower and middle class and proved that the PPP was a progressive Party and was working for the welfare of the poor people. He added that ZA Bhutto resolved Qadiyani Issue which was a kindness to Parliament and the nation as well to avoid any further disturbance in the country. The incumbent rulers touched an already solved issue and created unrest in the country. “One to two families in Wazirabad tehsil and five to seven families in Gujranwala district have been dominating the local politics for the last 70 years but have done nothing for the welfare of the people of their constituencies because their politics aims at remaining in power, nothing more”, he said. He added that unemployment and lawlessness in an industrial city like Wazirabad is unprecedented.

“We will devise and execute the projects for public welfare and will spare no effort for the purpose if people honour us with their trust in next polls,” he said.


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