US blaming Pakistan for its failure in Afghanistan: Janjua

National Security Adviser (NSA) Lieutenant General (r) Nasir Janjua said that American government is blaming Pakistan for its failure in Afghanistan. 

While addressing a conference, he mentioned that Taliban are regaining territory in Afghanistan which is vital sign of US strategy failure. 

“The world community need to recognize Pakistan’s sacrifices in war against terrorism because we have faced the most losses as compared to other countries,” he reiterated. 

“Pakistan has faced heaviest economic and human loss in this fight,” he said. 

While talking about Indo-US ties, he said that Trump administration is spreading the Indian propaganda. “US is even opposing CPEC,” he also mentioned. 

He further said that India is piling up the weapons stock but no body especially US is noticing it while our nuclear program is being targeted. 

On issue of Balochistan, Janjua said that today rebel militant commanders are surrendering. “Today the slogans of Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan are being raised along with Jeevay Jeevay Balochistan which shows the successful strategy of Pakistan government and security agencies,” he asserted. 

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