Ahsan Khan to steal the thunder yet again

Ahsan Khan is the name that has created ripples among the youth in current generation of Lollywood with his iconic roles in Udaari and Dastaan. His charm comes not just from his good looks and excellence in acting, but also from him being so affectionate and grounded. In a brief encounter, Ahsan opened up about his latest film Chupan Chupai  which is slated for release on December 29.

What was the appeal of doing Chupan Chupai ?

Chupan Chupai is a comedy film full of surprises. I feel in Pakistan there is a lack of entertainment scripts. I have seen just few films that have done good business on the box-office. This film will make you laugh and also help you recognise the flaws in our society. I enjoyed reading the script so much that I was sure I’d enjoy making the movie. It has been written in a way that every new scene will unfold into a new surprise for movie-goers.

Tell us something about your role in the film?

I’m playing the role of Babu, a guy from Karachi. It’s a story from the streets in which the guy tries to sort things out but the situation takes a completely different turn. The story of the film revolves around a bunch of boys who get into trouble when trying to make an effort to generate money through shortcuts.

From shooting of the film to being together for promotions, how’s the journey of Chupan Chupai been with Neelum Muneer ?

Neelum is a very filmy girl and she looks perfect in the film. The kind of character she has portrayed in Chupan Chupai has never been played on television or any film in Pakistan cinema. The audience is going to love her performance on big screen.

From the trailer it looks like few scenes of the film were shot in a foreign country. Would you like to tell us where Chupan Chupai was shot and how much supporting were the cast and crew?

The film was shot in Karachi mostly and few scenes are from Dubai. The song titled Sadqa Tere Ishq Ka was shot in Dubai. The cast and crew were really supportive. I always enjoy working with newcomers because I believe an actor can’t only restrict oneself to a certain class. You don’t need to choose to work with renowned directors all the time that normally our A-category actors do. I feel you have to experiment in life and that’s the enjoyment of your career.

Apart from the film you, you are working on an upcoming television serial titled Aangan. Would you like to tell us something about it?

Aangan is a period drama brilliantly shot by Ehtesham, the mastermind behind the super hit drama serial Udaari . The project is an MD production and the storyline of Aangan is based on the novel of Khadija Mastoor.

Will Aangan also tackle a social issue the way Udaari did?

Why would everything I do has to tackle a social issue. I prefer performing social issues roles but Aangan is a family drama which will be kept in your libraries forever.

You recently performed a play titled Ishq at Sadler’s Wells theatre in London. Share about your experience?

Sadler’s Wells is one of the most prestigious theatre in London and performing at that platform was an achievement itself. It was like a dream come true only an actor can understand that feeling.  Ishq was an adaptation of the Punjabi folk tale Heer-Ranjha which was originally popularised by the Sufi Saint, Waris Shah. The legend of Heer-Ranjha tells the story of a romance that created a revolutionary uproar, as one woman challenged a patriarchal society and shook it to its foundations. The play received a great response from the audience.

What is the one thing you want to change about our cinema?

With the revival of cinema we are making great films but the only thing we need work on is good scripts.

How much time do you spend time on social media?

One or two hours hardly!

Would you like to share about your upcoming projects?

My upcoming projects include drama serial Aangan and a romantic film Rehbara featuring Ayesha omar and Sehrish Khan in pivotal roles.


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