AJK owes freedom to martyrs’ sacrifices

MIRPUR (AJK) –  “Today, as Kashmiris, we owe our freedom the sacrifices of our founding fathers,” said AJK President Sardar Masood Khan while addressing a ceremony held to mark the 50th death anniversary of the hero of Jammu & Kashmir freedom struggle Chaudhry Ghulam Abbas with national enthusiasm.

The AJK president said that as a free nation, it is our duty to salute the heroic efforts of Ch Ghulam Abbas, whose sole aspiration was freedom for his fellow Kashmiris. It was his principled and resolute stance that enabled Azad Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan, he said.

Respected and revered by all, the president said Ch Ghulam Abbas was a humble patriot whose loyalty for his people and country could not be denied.

Ch Ghulam Abbas along with other leaders played a pivotal role in the freedom of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, said President AJK. “It is because of their efforts that today we are proud to be the base camp of the Kashmir issue and are able to keep this pertinent issue alive after 70 years,” he added. “Today, we pay rich tribute to Ch Ghulam Abbas and renew our pledge in continuing his mission in liberating Occupied Kashmir.”

The president said, “While we enjoy freedom, we must not forget the atrocities faced by our Kashmiri brothers and sisters in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Kashmiris are being tortured, harassed, maimed and murdered on the mere whims of the Indian Forces.” He urged the people of Kashmir to forego all differences and unite in the struggle towards the freedom of Kashmir. He said that the enemy will not be allowed to break our unified stance on Kashmir and create disunity among our leadership.

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