Creating opportunities for you

One of the major issues of our country is unemployment. Youth spend precious years of their lives in acquiring degrees and majority of them waste more years in search of a good job that can payback all the money they have spent on getting that particular degree.  

To solve this matter, our education system, institutes and government authorities will have to come together with a plan for the future of the country. Parents should also encourage their children to make their career of what they love.They should teach their children in a very young age to start working for their future. Youth should be encouraged towards entrepreneurship and different companies and government must support them.  

Not will it benefit just one but many more who would be employed there. Support youngsters in creating new ideas, instead of looking to work under someone else and teach them to be there own boss. I hope my request reaches the concerned authorities and more work is done in this regard.  


Islamabad, December 8. 

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