Karlie wears ‘really colourful’ clothes over Christmas

LOS ANGELES-Karlie Kloss loves wearing ”really colourful” clothes over Christmas, although she needs to invest ina new Christmas jumper for next week.

Karlie Kloss loves wearing ”really colourful” clothes over Christmas.

The 25-year-old model has admitted she loves to wear garments in ”jewel tones” over the festive period, or a ”simple chic dress”, which she can accessorise with accessories or bold make-up, although she will have ”simple” looking hair.

Speaking to ElleUK.com, she said: ”I love to wear a really colourful dress with jewel tones. I like emerald green (it’s my eye colour), purple and blue. Or I’ll wear a silk slit dress with an oversized jacket on top or like a faux fur jacket on top and then crystals, something to kind of catch the light– really good statement pieces. But overall, I love a simple chic dress that I can wear with statement jewellery and a red lip or some sort of make-up look, either it’s going to be an eye or a look with simple, ‘nothing’ hair.”

And the Kode with Klossy founder has revealed she also loves wearing less glamorous piece such as a ”comfy” sweater although she needs to ”invest” in the perfect Christmas jumper before the big day.

She added: ”I’m a big fan of a comfy sweater. I need to invest in a good Christmas jumper this year because I don’t have one.”’

The Chicago-born star gets all nostalgic this time of year, as she remembers when she was a child and her and her family would drive to the city to enjoy Christmas shopping and admire the window display.

Karlie said: ”I remember growing up in St. Louis, we lived a couple hours’ drive from Chicago, so my whole family and I would pile into the car and drive to Chicago and have this fun holiday shopping adventure. We would walk by all of the store fronts.

”We didn’t quite make it to New York so Chicago was sort of the big city. We would see all of the windows and all the beautiful designs. And now, I like to do the same thing in New York. It’s a really magical time.”


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