Mamnoon terms Quetta attack attempt to disrupt harmony

KARACHI – President Mamnoon Hussain here on Monday strongly condemned the unfortunate Sunday incident in Quetta and termed it an attempt to hamper religious harmony in the country, saying that all such efforts would be foiled through unity among the ranks of people.

Addressing the annual convocation of Baqai Medical University (BMU), he said the people of Pakistan had repeatedly expressed their resolve to boldly face the challenge of terrorism and extremism with equal commitment to standby with the victims at all times and under every condition.

“Political instability and terrorism in the region for past several years hold particular impact on Balochistan with trickle down effect on other parts of the country,”  President Mamnoon Hussain said mentioning that Karachi too only some time back was one of the worst hit areas, however, things were moving towards steady improvement due to concerted efforts of the government.

Emphasizing that political leadership and all the national  institutions concerned were working together to meet the challenges faced by Balochistan and other parts  of the country, that are but consequent to regional situation, the President said equal responsibilities lie upon scholars, academicians and other influential sections of the society to play their role in foiling nefarious designs of those, who were against the country and the interest of its people.

“Educationists, academicians and scholars, who are usually in direct contact with the youth of the country need to keep strict vigil on national and international developments – their cause and implications so as to not only keep into loop the youngsters, but also provide needed guidance to the policy makers of the country,” he suggested.

The president felicitating the young graduates of BMU said, medicine is a field that provides ample opportunities to serve humanity and to also contribute towards promotion of a healthy society crucial for national development.

Taking exception to the fact that materialism has created its negative impact on every section of the society, he regretted that the field of medicine was also not exempted from the menace that needed to be contained on strong lines with proper understanding among the medical practitioners about their particular relevance and responsibilities towards the patients in general.

He recommended that every medical university must have a nursing training unit as its integral component with equal attention towards research oriented diagnosis and treatment concept of medicine so that practitioners well versed in health conditions as well as ailments peculiar to local environments may be produced.

“It is heartening to learn that Community Oriented Medical Education (COME) introduced by Prof Fariduddin Baqai several years ago is now a strong and an essential component of teachings at BMU,” said President Mamnoon Hussain.

“It is also my personal desire that medical education and research underway in the country may be focused on providing affordable medical facilities that may also be equally accessible to all the people in the country, including those living in the remotest parts,” he said suggesting that developments being made in the sphere of community medicine should also be incorporated in the existing system of the country with major emphasis on compatibility.

With regard to lack of hygiene and poor understanding about healthy habits, he said government departments could be joined and had been joined by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) engaged in philanthropic work, however, the efforts needed to be further streamlined across the country.

President Mamnoon Hussain paid tribute to founder of BMU, Prof. Fariduddin Baqai (late) and BMU Chancellor Prof Zahida Baqai for their untiring efforts for promotion of healthcare and medical education in the country and urged youth to follow the precedence set by them as selfless professionals and honorable citizens of Pakistan.

The President reminded the graduates, faculty members and guests attending the graduation ceremony that completion of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a crucial component of One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative, will open fresh avenues for the country and simultaneously add to the responsibilities of the youth in making optimum advantage of these for national progress and development.

“Doctors too will have an important responsibility in attending foreigners in need of healthcare,” he said adding services to be provided to foreigners doing their businesses in Pakistan or visiting country in realization of professional obligations have to be of international standards and that same have to be ensured for the local patients.

“I will urge management of all medical colleges and universities in the country, including BMU, to train their students in accordance to the needs of coming years and help them groomed as competent professionals,” he said.

Later, the President awarded degrees to the BMU graduates for the year 2017.


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