Past in Perspective

“A craze for Egyptian exoticism convulsed the West, infiltrating both high and low culture across the fields of music, fine art, fashion, film and furniture design.”

–Alaistair Sooke

Perhaps the greatest archaeological discovery of all time, in 1922 British archaeologist Howard Carter and his team found the intact tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty: Tutankhamun.

The only unplundered tomb of a pharaoh yet found in the Valley of the Kings, the tomb was filled with artefacts including statues and artwork – so many, in fact, that it took 10 years to catalogue them.

The 1922 discovery, says art critic Alastair Sooke, sparked a global frenzy for ancient Egypt. Carter became a worldwide celebrity, touring America in 1924 to deliver lectures about his finds.

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