Police vigilant to stop liquor deaths

TOBA TEK SINGH –  District police have made extraordinary arrangements to stop the expected supply of liquor to Christian localities on the occasion of Christmas.

DPO Usman Akram Gondal told reporters that more than 40 people lost lives last year on Christmas day after they had consumed toxic liquor in Mabarabad Colony. He said during recent raids police had recovered hgue quantity of local and imported liquor from various areas of the district. He said Rajana police had recovered a distillery with hundreds of litres of prepared and raw liquor from a village.

STRIKE: Stamp paper dealers observed strike at Pirmahal and Kamalia as a protest against the suspension of sale of Rs50 stamp papers to them by district accounts office.

Stamp Papers Sellers Association President Ilyas Dogar and Secretary General Malik Sabir Raza said at Kamalia that for applying a domicile, giving affidavits in colleges and schools by the students or their parents for admissions and in various government and private institutions, Rs50 stamp papers were required. However, they were told by the exchequer branch at Toba that Rs50 stamp papers had been finished for the last several weeks, they said.

They added that people had to purchase Rs100 stamp paper in place of Rs50 and they often quarrel with them over the issue. They urged the Faisalabad commissioner and Toba deputy commissioner to arrange the supply of Rs50 stamp papers.



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