Rs38b given out as interest-free loan: CM

LAHORE – Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said continuous efforts are needed to make Pakistan a prosperous and stable country.

“The country cannot afford chaos and anarchy and it is need of the hour that all people work collectively for national development and prosperity. People cannot be cajoled through hollow slogans and false claimants of change have done nothing except wasting precious time of the nation. In fact, these people, who are devoid of passion for public service, have done nothing for people. Politics is the name of public service and solution of their problems. We have served the masses as a sacred mission. Public welfare projects in the province are a conspicuous proof of it,” Shehbaz said while talking to a delegation of workers and office bearers of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz in London on Monday.

The chief minister said revolutionary steps had been taken for improvement in all sectors, including healthcare, education, agriculture and infrastructure. Due to the steps taken by the government, he said, people were enjoying better and latest healthcare facilities in hospitals. He said mobile health units were delivering their services for providing healthcare facilities to people on their doorstep. A state-of-the-art Pakistan Kidney and Liver Transplant Institute is being established in the provincial metropolis for the treatment of kidney and liver diseases, he said. The first phase will be inaugurated soon, he said, adding that people from across the country would get the latest healthcare facilities at this hospital.

The chief minister said that establishment of the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund was a commendable step of the government that had enabled brilliant students of low-income families to continue their education. Due to this educational fund, he said, thousands of students were playing their role in the process of national development after completing their studies. He said that health and education sector projects were being completed speedily and development of the province and public welfare were his priorities. He said that people had seen the real faces of the elements talking about change.

The chief minister said, “We are committed to serving the masses and we will continue to move further without caring for hurdles.” He said the government was pursuing a comprehensive strategy to check poverty and create more jobs in the province. He said special attention was being paid to welfare of the indigent strata. He said interest-free loans were being provided through Chief Minister’s Self-Employment Scheme and hundreds of thousands of families had benefited from this useful scheme till today. He said that interest-free loans played an important role in eradicating poverty and creating opportunities of employment. He said interest-free loans had been provided to more than 1.7 million needy families under the self-employment scheme. Under this scheme, he said, about 38 billion rupees had been distributed as interest-free loan. He said that Rs6.5 billion shall be provided to 250,000 deserving families as interest-free loan over the next seven months.

Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif will return from London on Tuesday (today). He was medically examined in London and his medical reports were found satisfactory. Doctors have declared him completely fit.

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