Rwadari Tehreek calls for proper implementation of NAP

Rwadari Tehreek, a social movement for countering religious intolerance, extremism and terrorism has expressed grief and outrage over the suicide attack and loss of innocent lives at the Methodist Church of Quetta. 11 lost worshipers lost their lives while 35 injured reportedly as 2 suicide bombers hit the Sunday Service on December 17, 2017.    

In a joint statement Chairman of Rwadari Tehreek Mr. Samson Salamat & Vice Chairman Deedar Ahmed Mirani has said that “consistency in terrorist attacks despite 3 years to the National Action Plan clearly speaks about the negligence of all the stake-holders in implementing the National Action Plan (NAP) in its true spirit”.

“The National Action Plan which was made jointly by the political & military leadership guarantees the protection of minorities, the ban on hate speech and ban on the extremist & terrorist outfits, however it is very unfortunate that everything is happening all around and the latest attack on the Church in Quetta is another example and eye opener” the statement further added.       

Rwadari Tehreek once again calls upon the serious attention of the Federal & Provincial Government and all other responsible institutions on the following demands:

1. Federal and Provincial Governments should formulate and announce an Effective National Policy on the Protection of religious Minorities in the light of Supreme Court 2014 Judgment on Minorities and should refrain from lip-service.    

2. Stern action against the terrorists and militant outfits wherever they exist without any recognition of good or bad. The financing of the terrorist groups should be checked strictly and stopped. Those individuals or groups who are supporting the militants and terrorists openly or secretly should be held accountable. Moreover the hideouts and Training Centers of the militant outfits should be targeted where they are training youth for terrorist acts and the access of the militant outfits to the educational institutions should be checked and banned strictly”. 

3. The ban on hate speech should be implemented in letter and spirit and all those found in spreading hate speech through print or electronic media or through loud speakers should be apprehended indiscriminately.

4. The syllabus of the educational institutions needs to be thoroughly checked and the material which spreads hate on religious, sectarian or any other basis should be eliminated from the curriculum and all those laws which are being misused to instigate people for violence in the society should be revisited.

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