SC gave ‘big concession’ to Sharifs: Aitzaz

LAHORE – PPP Senator and former Supreme Court Bar Association president Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan said Monday that Sharif family was given ‘big concession’ in Hudaibiya Paper Mills’ case.

Aitzaz said no one had been given such concession in criminal cases because as per law investigation could not be ignored in such cases.

He gave this statement just two days after the speech of Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar during a seminar at a local hotel. The CJP had said he did not know that Hudaibiya Paper Mills case was also fixed for announcement on Friday—the same day when the petition seeking disqualification of Imran Khan and Jahangir Khan Tareen was decided. The CJP reproached the critics of the judiciary.

Ch Aitzaz said that time period had been specified for cases of civil nature which was not in the criminal nature of cases.

“If an accused of 20-year-old criminal case is convicted and awarded sentence then why not an accused of a civil case,” Aitzaz said. “How a matter of money laundering or fraud could expire?” he said.

He said the LHC’s decision was wrong on Hudaibiya and now the SC’s decision was not understandable. Ahsan said that he was still thinking that what reasons would be given in the SC decision. A corruption allegation was sufficient to dissolve the PPP’s government while Nawaz Sharif’s government was still there even after the approval of the corruption, he said. The PPP senator said the Sharif family was dealt softly. He also gave reference of 1997’s attack of the PML-N on the SC to say that the ruling party was dealt with soft hands. Jahangir Khan Tareen provided money trail while Nawaz, instead of giving money trail, submitted fake Qatari letters before the SC, said Aitzaz.

“How a British prime minister can be general manager of Koh-i-Noor Textile Mills?” Aitzaz questioned Nawaz Sharif’s role in FZE company based in UAE.  “They say they have been sentenced on Iqama and not over Panama,” he said. He further said that ‘Iqama’ is serious offence.

Commenting on Chief Justice of Pakistan’s speech, Aitzaz said CJP was seen angry despite that he was a humble person and he mentioned ‘Baba Rehmat’. He presented ‘funny character of Baba Rehmat’. If the decision is announced like Hudaibiya Paper Mills case the people’s trust on judiciary would be weakened, he added.

Separately, SCBA’s former president Asma Jahangir also said that judges don’t argue. She expressed these views while commenting on the CJP’s speech. “Had they not introduced ‘Godfather’, there would not have been such an uproar,” said Mrs Jahangir.

She said it was not appropriate for the judges to argue on transparency and the judiciary didn’t need to give explanation. It should have been said that supremacy of law and democracy go side by side, she said. She also said that there was no need of saying that judiciary would come in case of parliament’s failure. She also said that everyone should do his work so that the country could go forward. To a question, Asma said. “One is respectable or not; respect is always earned,” she stated.


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