Abid sees ‘double standards’ in SC verdicts

GUJRANWALA-Minister of State for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali said that the PML-N would again come to power after the general elections and Nawaz Sharif would become prime minister of Pakistan.
Addressing an open court at Gujranwala, the state minister further said that the nation had observed double standards from the judiciary with respect to the decisions one made against Nawaz Sharif and the other in favour of PTI chief Imran Khan.
He said that Nawaz Sharif spoke the truth before the court and was disqualified while the other one succeeded to escape by telling a lie. He said Jehangir Tareen had been declared dishonest by the court and now Imran Khan should hold a sit-in in front of Tareen House for the recovery of money. He said if the court had used the same standard of qualification and disqualification, the PTI leader could have been disqualified in the party’s foreign funding case.
He said the Supreme Court should take suo motu action against Khadim Hussain Rizvi for abusing the court during Faizabad sit-in. He said politics in the name of Islam should be stopped because some foreign powers were fanning sectarianism in Pakistan. Earlier, he listened to the problems of citizens and ordered Gepco officers to immediately solve the same.
CHRISTMAS PREPARATIONS: City Police Officer Ashfaq Khan said that special arrangements have been made to provide fool proof security on the occasion of Christmas. The Christian community will be provided with complete protection of life and property, he said.
He was addressing a meeting with Christian community in his office where Deputy Commissioner Sohail Ahmad Tippu and divisional chairman of Peace Committee Qari Zahid Saleem were also present.
The CPO said that a large number of police personnel shall be deployed at all the churches so that Christian community celebrate the day in a peaceful atmosphere. Speaking on the occasion, a representative of the Christian community showed his complete satisfaction over the arrangements made by the administration and police.
He also said Christian community would also cooperate with the administration and abide by the instructions issued by the Punjab government. Later, the CPO and the DC visited the St Paul’s Church, Presbyterian Church, St Joseph Church, and inspected the security arrangements. The CPO said that to maintain traffic flow, Chief Traffic Officer Asif Zafar Cheema have already given special directives.
PATWARI HELD: A revenue officer or Patwari was arrested red handed by an Anti-Corruption Establishment team while he was receiving bribe from a citizen.
Bashir had given an application to ACE that Patwari Saifullah was demanding bribe for providing him with land record. On the application, ACE Regional Director Fareed Ahmed constituted a team which conducted raid and held him while receiving bribe of Rs8,000. The accused had earlier received Rs20,000 for the purpose.

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