Anna Kendrick’s fake smile

LOS ANGELES-Anna Kendrick admits her and her ‘Pitch Perfect’ co-stars had to put on fake smiles when they filmed the final scenes for ‘Pitch Perfect 3’. Anna Kendrick and her ‘Pitch Perfect’ co-stars had to put fake smiles on when they filmed the final scenes for ‘Pitch Perfect 3’.

The 32-year-old actress – who plays Beca in the movie franchise – says the whole cast were distraught when they were filming the movie’s final scenes and were even told by the director Trish Sie to be ‘’a little less emotional’’.

Anna said: ‘’This was the last day of filming, which never happens – you never film in order like that, so we were just in our feelings. Our director at one point was like, ‘OK, it’s great, but you guys do look like you all just found out you have cancer! Now, maybe a little lighter, let’s send out the audience on a high, maybe, something like that. A little less emotional!’’’ And whilst the future of the hit movies hang in the balance, Anna would be up for at least four more movies and said it would go on and on ‘’if it was up to her’’.

She added to US breakfast show Today: ‘’If it were up to us, we’d be like, four, five, six, seven [films], but it’s probably good that it’s not up to us because we don’t have ideas!

‘’But we wanted to make it a satisfying ending for Pitch Perfect 3, if it is the ending, so we’re treating it like the ending and hopefully we will get to work together again some day.’’


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