China rejects US-India opposition to CPEC

BEIJING – China has rejected US and Indian apprehension against China- Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) stating that it is new style of cooperative partnership that will continue in the best interest of the region.

Giving an applied answer to a question at regular Press briefing here on Tuesday, the spokesperson of Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying said that the two countries will fulfil the responsibilities to implement the project.

She said “I wish to reiterate that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a new type of cooperation framework set up by China and Brazil in focusing on the long-term development of cooperation in various fields”. 

She further said “Corridor construction is not only of positive and important significance for promoting the common development of China and Pakistan, but also conducive to promoting interconnection and common prosperity in the entire region.

“We hope that corridor construction can be more widely recognised and supported by the countries in the region and the international community”.  

“We are confident of building a good relationship with Pakistan and safeguarding the economic corridor between China and Pakistan,” she added.


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