Imran found posting fake news twice

ISLAMABAD –  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has been found twice posting fake news or giving a wrong twist to news through his Twitter handle within a week – first mischaracterising the survey of a local NGO about education ranking and second posting fake pictures of the belongings of an Indian actress.

“Shashikala, a famous South Indian actress-turned politician in India’s Tamil Nadu died recently. Gold reserves, jewels & illegal money were found in her house! A message to all corrupt leaders: The hoarded billions stolen from our impoverished masses will be left behind,” Khan tweeted this along with the pictures showing reserves of gold and money.

Minutes after his tweet, a local journalist tweeted and said pictures tweeted by Imran Khan of Indian actress Shashikala’s belongings found after her death were fake. He said these pictures were actually of two separate cases; one was of Mumbai bank robbery and the other of the IT department’s raid on the house of an Indian stock exchange broker. So, sensitising the situation, the PTI chief withdrew and deleted the tweet while PTI’s Central Media Department, through a statement, said “The Tweet is withdrawn. Kindly ignore it.”

Earlier, on December 14, Khan tweeted: “Alif Ailaan has put these amazing figures on district education rankings for 2017. Nine of the 10 top districts are from KP; only 1 from Punjab. In same survey for 2016, 9 of top 10 were from Punjab; none from KP; a great achievement by PTI govt in KP in critical field of education.” Later, it was found that the tweet of Khan was mischaracterised and misleading.

The Pakistan District Education Ranking 2017, released by Alif Ailaan, says Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) ranks first among eight Pakistani territories with respect to quality education. The report says AJK is followed in this education ranking by Islamabad Capital Territory, Punjab and Gilgit Baltistan. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) ranks fifth on the list. Among the top 10 schools, only one KP district, Haripur, was placed at the top of the rankings while five AJK districts and four districts from Punjab are on the remaining list.

Actually, Khan twisted the information instead of mentioning the overall education ranking cores in his tweet, and chose to highlight the primary school infrastructure scores. Among the top ten rankings of schools with regard to infrastructure, the survey report placed 9 schools from KP and one from Punjab.

Iftikhar Durrani, the head of PTI’s Central Media Department, said the PTI Chairman often used to compose his tweets himself. He added a senior female politician of the party also used to write tweets on behalf of Khan for some time when the party chief was busy. He said most of the information used by Khan in his tweets is sent by the party’s media department after proper verification and filtration. He lamented the tweet about the belongings of the Indian actress was wrongly sent and withdrawn.

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