Karen Gillan is ‘biggest fan’ of ‘Jumanji’

LOS ANGELES-Karen Gillan is ‘’the biggest fan’’ of the original ‘Jumanji’ movie, which is why she jumped at the chance of starring in the upcoming follow-up.

Karen Gillan is ‘’the biggest fan’’ of the original ‘Jumanji’ movie.

The 30-year-old actress has admitted she jumped at the chance to star in the forthcoming film ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ alongside Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black and Kevin Hart because the 1995 classic was one of her ‘’top three films of all time’’ when she was younger.

Speaking to WWD, she said: ‘’I almost dropped everything in hands because I am the biggest fan of the original ever. It’s in my top three films of all time.’’

Although Karen – who portrays Ruby Roundhouse in the production – was eager to feature in the film, she was also ‘’terrified and then protective’’ over it because she didn’t want to upset fellow fans of the original version, which starred the late Robin Williams.

She continued: ‘’And I was instantly terrified and then protective over it. It is its own movie in its own right and it pays enough homage to the original, but it’s going to keep fans of the original happy, I think – it certainly did for me.’’

Karen’s character has sparked uproar with some viewers because of her skimpy ensemble, but the star has revealed the costume was a conscious move by the creative team who wanted to ‘’make fun’’ of the sexist trope.

When asked about the reaction to her attire in the movie, she said: ‘’I think gender equality is very much at the forefront of our conversation right now and that makes me really happy, so it’s good that people are talking about it.

Then along comes this photo where all the men are covered and then the girl is like scantily clad, of course it’s going to. When you look at it out of context, it’s sort of ridiculous. So I’m not surprised by people’s’ reaction at all actually.

‘’We’re actually aware of that trope and we’re sort of making fun of it. And my character is so unhappy about it. But yeah, it’s not necessarily a negative thing that people are talking about it — it gets to reinforce it.’’



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