Middle East is in complexity!

 Middle Eastern players are in complex situation. Each state has been trying to pursue national interest to be world’s influential, powerful and hegemonic power. 

As far as Pakistan and India’s bonhomie is concerned, it is true that China—-economic might state—— has triggered most of the countries including India through CPEC and OBOR initiative. This wave of economic growth has compelled India to join “Quad”—- the US, Japan, India and Australia—— to counter Pakistan. Most recently, India has strengthened its militarily ties with Japan in terms of signing nuclear warheads. 

Relevantly, Iran has got its great influence in Iraq and Syria for persuading its national interests. In this retaliation, the US is trying its best to reduce Iran’s influence in the region. Every state is in complexity. The US tries to sabotage China’s growing economic strategies. Thus, the state creates more influence in Afghanistan to counter the routes of China through Afghan’s territory. Indubitably, militarism has reached on its peak to create violence at any time. The major powers of the world, the US, China, Russia, Japan and others, should collaborate with each other and stop agitating other’s sovereignty through militarism. They are the mere responsible for the destructive and hegemonic affairs of the world. 


Shikarpur, December 7. 


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