Nawaz to launch ‘movement for justice’

ISLAMABAD –  Unleashing a tirade of criticism at the ‘dichotomy’ on part of the superior judiciary, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday announced to launch a movement for justice and fair play as “double standards in the dispensation of justice and blind judgments” would not be acceptable to them.

Talking to media after appearing before the NAB court and later interacting with party leaders at Punjab House, Sharif sarcastically said that the judges had saved their blue-eyed and an elected Prime Minister was thrown out on a trivial issue. He said that justice should be blanket in nature and selective justice was unacceptable to him, his party as well as the people of Pakistan.

“The judges should have a scale of justice before them and not the scale of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf while dispensing justice,” he said.

The PML-N chief said that like the movement they had launched for the restoration of judiciary they would now launch a movement for justice and fair play and would be standing before the judgments which did not pass the test of touchstone of blanket accountability.

He said that he was at a loss to understand what wrong he had done to the national exchequer as he was thrown out of the power for not showing the salary he had never taken from his son while the person who had admitted his offshore company was exonerated.

Referring to the double standards of judges of the superior judiciary, Sharif questioned who garlanded the dictators, when they overthrew the democratically elected government, and took the oath on PCOs and from whom?.

Talking about the acquittal of PTI chief Imran Khan, he said that he (Khan) had admitted to having an offshore company, Niazi Services, and transaction of millions of dollars through it but he was acquitted by the court while he was disqualified on the issue of salary which he had never taken from his son’s company.

Sharif said that they would not accept this double standard on the part of the superior judiciary and would launch a movement for justice and fair play for all, as everyone should be equal before the law. He said that if Ms Jemima Khan was to transfer money she should have sent it directly to the account of her (former) husband instead of someone else.

Sharif said that his ouster from power had hampered the pace of development and termed it a conspiracy against the country. He objected to restricting the foreign funding case application to five years period and said that such ‘blind judgments’ would not be acceptable to them and they would launch the movement against it because the country could not move forward with such a faulty and fractured judicial system.

Sharif also asked Danial Aziz to prepare a comparison of his and Imran Khan’s cases and tell the nation how he was ousted from power and the blue-eyed was saved. Earlier, Sharif also held a meeting with select party leaders and discussed the overall political situation and devised a strategy to deal with issues confronting the party on legal and political fronts.

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