Security beefed up with more deployment

MULTAN-The law enforcement agencies on Tuesday beefed up security of churches and other sensitive places in view of upcoming festival of Christmas.
Regional Police Officer (RPO) Muhammad Idrees Ahmad visited Catholic Church in Multan Cantonment and issued directives to the heads of police in Multan, Vehari, Khanewal and Lodhran to ensure protection of worship places. He said that the minorities are equal citizens of Pakistan and it is basic responsibility of police to protect them. He added that the deployment at sensitive places has been increased besides scaling up snap-checking and patrolling. He disclosed that the vehicles are being searched at the entry and exit points of the city.
Earlier, the members of different minorities in Multan region had demanded the government to ensure security of churches and other worship places. They also demanded compensation for heirs and relatives of those killed and critically injured in the Quetta church attack.
While talking to the media, Bishop Aashir Kamran,
PML-N (Minority wing) President Boota Sarfraz and Pastor Yousaf Raza said that besides payment of compensation to the families of the people who had died in Quetta blast, the injured should also be offered free medical treatment. They said the attack was not just a bomb blast rather it was an assault on the federation and unity of Pakistan. They further demanded the government to permit the Church administrations to keep licenced weapons for their security.
Speakers at a conference warned on Tuesday the medicines used to contain epidemic diseases are losing their effects as the microscopic germs developed immunity against these medicines, calling for more research and inventions in the field of micro-biology to prevent coming generations from disease attack.
The 11th International Biannual Conference for Public health, Food Pharma and Agriculture, which begun on Monday, is jointly organised by Institute of Food Science and Nutrition and Pakistan Society for Molecular Biology and American Society for Molecular Biology.
While presenting their research papers, the researchers and scientists pointed out that increase in outbreak of epidemics and resistance of antibiotics had become an alarming issue in Pakistan. They asserted that the attack of diseases could be prevented by improving environment and food culture. Speaking on this occasion, Director of the Institute Prof. Saeed Akhtar said that the people needed to use balanced diet according to their body needs. He added that the people would have to keep in view environmental changes. “We need to analyse that what impacts these changes are leaving on the lives of people and then we have to devise our policies to prevent the negative impacts of these changes,” he added. He said that we had to strive for sustainable development which must be beneficial for humankind. He warned that the coming generations would hold us responsible for their miseries, diseases and unhealthy lives if we failed to make new inventions. He said that a healthy youth was imperative for the development of any country and we had to strive hard to prevent our youth from diseases.
Earlier, Prof Saeed Akhtar, and Prof Shahana Urooj Kazmi, ambassador of American Society for Molecular Biology inaugurated a food expo. Different food companies and medical equipment manufacturers set up their stalls at the expo.

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