Three-day speakers’ conference from 23rd

ISLAMABAD – The National Assembly Secretariat is all set to host a three-day speakers’ conference from December 23. Speakers of Afghanistan, China, Iran, Pakistan, Russian Federation and Turkey are expected to participate in the conference along with their respective parliamentary delegations.

According to the National Assembly Secretariat, the conference will focus on “Parliamentary Cooperation for Peace, Connectivity and Prosperity” in the region. At the 2nd meeting of Eurasian Parliaments’ Speakers held in Seoul, National Assembly Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq had proposed to host the conference of speakers from the six countries to take into account the challenges of terrorism and inter-regional connectivity with a core vision of promoting dialogue and interdependence among the regional stakeholders which are key precursors of a prosperous society upon which rests the whole paradigm of sustainable development of coming generations.

“The notion to organize this imperative parliamentary meeting is to identify, promote and develop common socio-economic interests of these countries. This will help not only towards achieving stability and security of the region but also potentially blossom into a golden ring of peace, economic growth and sustainable prosperity,” said the NA Secretariat.

“The participating countries are tied by geographical proximity and a perpetual interdependence based on age-old civilizational heritage as well as geo-economic links of trade, tourism and culture spread over centuries. These six countries, exceed any region of the world with regards to human and natural resources, technological and skilled competence, and geopolitical strategic importance. However, the persistent nuisance of global terrorism has been impeding the collective progress of this region. Hence, the theme of this Speakers’ Conference aims at addressing these challenges through an exchange of knowledge, experiences and possible solutions in the form of dialogue.”

The conference will enable the participating countries to engage in meaningful discussions to explore common means of combating terrorism, maintaining peace and enhancing connectivity of people and states. The conference will also involve interaction among peace activists, representatives of business and trade community, professionals, academia and experts from the six countries.a

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