Drug-peddlers held in crackdown

OKARA-Police claimed to have arrested three drug-peddlers and two moonshiners during a special anti-narcotics campaign here on Wednesday.
Shabore police raided 30/4L village, arrested Murtaza Tanni and recovered 27 litres of liquor from his possession. The police also raided the house of Fayyaz Ahmad in the same village, arrested him and recovered 19 litres of liquor from him. A raid was also conducted in 37-38/4L village during which Hashmat Ali was held with 1.26kg of Charas and Rs1800 cash.
On the other hand, Shergarh police raided and held Ali Hasnain with 510g of hashish. Dipalpur Saddr police raided 52/D village, arrested Iqbal and recovered 550g of Charas from his possession.

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