Gigi feels happy to wear yellow

LOS ANGELES-Gigi Hadid feels ‘happy’ when she wears yellow. The 22-year-old model feels like a character when she gets dressed and she believes what she wears can have an impact on how she feels for that day, although when she wears yellow garments her mood will instantly be lifted. Speaking about her style choices at Reebok’s Year End Holiday Party in New York City, which has been reported on PEOPLE, she said: ‘’I like feeling like a character when I get dressed. I feel like it gives me a bit of power and helps give you an essence of who you can be that day.

‘’For 2018 I’m really into colour. Whichever colour is the one that makes you smile when you wake up in the morning is the one for you that day.

‘’Yellow is the colour that always makes me happy.’’

And the catwalk icon thinks the key to selecting an ensemble is to ‘’have fun’’ with it.

She continued: ‘’My approach to style is that I dress based on how I feel that day. I think you should put on what makes you happy. If you look in the mirror and feel excited, that’s what’s it is all about. Have fun with style and be yourself.’’

And Gigi – who is the brand ambassador for the sportswear giant Reebok – cannot live without a pair of trainers because she always feel ‘’comfortable’’ in the style of footwear, and if the star doesn’t feel at ease in her outfit she feels ‘’less confident’’ in herself.

Gigi – who is dating singer Zayn Malik – explained: ‘’ I wear sneakers both in and out of the gym. I’d rather wear sneakers than any other shoes because It’s so important for me to be comfortable … if I’m not comfortable, I feel less confident.

‘’2017 was about the Reebok Classic leather sneakers and they are my favourite, I’ll be wearing them throughout 2018 too.’’


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