Politics in guise of Religion

For over 21 days, the capital of sole nuclear Muslim country was besieged by about 2000 activists lead by a relatively unknown Maulana Khadim Hussain Rizvi, who blocked Faizabad Interchange. They were armed with batons, axes, firearms, tear gas equipment, gas masks etc and housed in tents with generators. Who supplied and funded them with food remains a mystery? That they challenged writ of state and got away with it is the sad and bitter reality. These self proclaimed guardians of Prophet Muhammed’s (PBUH) legacy indulged in obscenities, arson, violence, blocking passage to sick, elderly, students and workers etc, all of which were forbidden by Prophet (PBUH) is ironic and self contradictory. 

What triggered this protest was attempt by Law Division and few parliamentarians to change a clause in Election Form required to be filled by every contesting candidate . There was absolutely no need to fiddle with what was a settled and sensitive issue. Those responsible should have been forced to resign and fault rectified.. Even after issue was settled by withdrawing the change, this group called LYR emerged from obscurity to overnight prominence courtesy an obliging electronic media, an incompetent government and unknown aiders and abettors. 

Pakistan’s survival as a sovereign nation state lies solely in adopting Quaid’s vision of modern democratic welfare state. We must never forget 1977 Tehreek-e-nizam- e-Mustafa lead by Mufti Mahmood, who in 1941 was a militant activist of Indian National Congress and opposed Quaid’s plan for partition of India. Mufti Mahmood at least had a political constituency, elected as MNA in 1962, followed by victory from DI KHAN in 1970 elections and becoming President of JUI. 

Mufti Mahmood also lead a coalition with secular NAP as CM in 1972. Whatever the professed objectives of Nizam-e-Mustafa movement maybe, the fact is that it facilitated Zia-ul-Haq to impose martial law in this country from 1978 till his death in 1988. 

Zia notorious for his ruthless crackdown in 1970 Black September insurgency in Jordan, in violation of his assignment as part of Pakistan’s military training mission now plunged Pakistan into an endless war to fight Soviet Union aided by USA and KSA and sowed seeds for religious intolerance, terrorism and extremism that continues to haunt Pakistan. 


Lahore, December 4. 

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