Private medical colleges asked not to charge extra fees

Islamabad – Pakistan Medical and Dental Council directed private medical colleges to charge fees as per the structure approved by the council.

The council directed managements of the private medical and dental colleges not to take any extra fees under this and that heads. According to the PMDC rules and regulations, the medical and dental institution in the private sector can charge as much as Rs6,42,000 per annum as tuition fee and Rs50,000 in total as university exams fees, taxes, hostel fee, transport fee and one time admission fee. The PMDC also directed the private medical education institutions to submit copies of all receipts with the council. The council also directed the colleges to charge only $18,000 from foreign students.

All the private medical and dental institution shall maintain a separate online account in a scheduled bank and all fees and charges to be received form students shall be deposited by students or parents or guardians in the said account and no cash shall be demanded from students under any head. The account number must be mentioned in the prospectus and website with fee and charges structure, the council directed. The PMDC made it clear that any other monetary demand or donation on any pretext other than the annual fee would be dealt as a major violation.


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