Road dividers demanded to avoid traffic hazards

KAMALIA-With the start of sugarcane harvesting season, road accidents due to heavily loaded tractor-trolleys outside Two Star Sugar Mills Kamalia have become a daily feature besides great inconvenience for the general public.
DSP Traffic Muhammad Rehman held a meeting with the mills management and directed to ensure a solution to the traffic problems, arising due to sugarcane trolleys.
Muhammad Anwar, the mills general manager, assured the DSP of an immediate resolution of traffic problems and accidents. He informed the DSP that the mills management put free reflecting tapes behind every tractor trolley coming to their sugar mills. He added the tractor-trolleys, arriving at the sugar mills, are unloaded quickly to avoid traffic mess. Mr Anwar informed the DSP about the mills management meeting with the Toba Tek Singh deputy commissioner. In the meeting, the DC was requested to install dividers on the roads leading to the sugar mills so that the traffic jams could be avoided. He said that the DC had agreed to this and an estimate of Rs7 billion was made for the project but due to political pressure, the project was scrapped.
Mr Anwar appealed to the district administration to construct dividers on Kamalia-Rajana Road for the smooth flow of traffic. It would also help reduce accidents, he pointed out. “The mills management is ready to provide funds for the project,” he added.

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