Computerized National Identity Card for only educated youths

No doubt education is key component to develop a better society, in April 2010, Parliament passed Constitution 18th Amendment Act, 2010.

The amendment made the Right to Education justifiable, by insertion of Article 25-A, which obligates the state to provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of 5 to 16 years in such a manner as may be determined by law, it shows government of Sindh has been taking serious efforts by utilizing a huge budget and its all out efforts to eliminate illiteracy, but in spite of that Pakistan especially Sindh and particularly rural areas of Sindh could not get success in achieving desirable results in enrolling kids to government schools despite of distributing free books and giving other basic facilities.

Now question creates that what steps should be taken by government to get success to eliminate illiteracy?

It is very easy for government in order to eliminate illiteracy government must pass an ordinance that no one would be allowed to make Computer National Identity Card [CNIC] without submitting at least matriculation certificate at NADRA office.

After enacted such ordinance/or orders the parents would become compel to enroll their kids in schools because without CNIC their kids could not get further facilities after reaching their age of maturity.

The parents will compel to enroll their kids to schools for getting at least basic education because without basic education their children could not get jobs, could not travel & stay at hotels in other cities without CNIC, could not cast their votes without CNIC and could not get other facilities, therefore if government wants to enroll the kids in schools and eliminate illiteracy, government must pass the ordinance that no one would be allowed to get CNIC without basic education at least 10class.


Shikarpur, December 8.



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