I am a girl, not a piece

It is hard to characterize that girls are the lights of their society but yet in Pakistan girls have no rights to deal with their lives as girls are being consider as a piece not a girl and a civilized like boys. When a girl sit with the squad of boys then that squad will be called stub not stud. Girls are the liability of their society not opportunity and let the girls to read not to sit at home and wash the clothes sew clothes, and not to bound the girl in the cages lets them to fly not sit and cry.

Randomly, when a girl goes out of her home then it the first care about you scarf is in limitations not cross your limit why? These are use for girls not to boys why? Further, while a girl talks with a boy then she will be shouted by her parents or society members why to girls? In Pakistan still some regions giving education to girls consider as taboo and Islam allows girls to get education and even for the employment, well some traditional people are not allowing their girls to come forward and do something for their house and society.

Thus it is my humbly appeal to the government of Pakistan to unblock your eyes and rectify this serious issue and band considering girls as piece in Pakistan.


Balochistan, December 7.

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