Looking for Rehmat Baba

The recent statement of Chief Justice of Pakistan has made people of Pakistan more thoughtful, and worried to see the present affairs of the state and the friction within the state institutions is not a healthy sign for the country. Such a deteriorating situation needs to be tackled before it goes out of hand .The nation is worried and wants to know what would be the next national course to get the nation out of the present crises. The philosophy of Baba Rehmat is simple and it is well understood by everyone. Let us take its positive aspect. Baba Rehmat is the other name of “the rule of law”. It is crucial to understand and fairly implement the rule of law to resolve our numerous issues.

In fact, Islamabad is already demonstrating a picture of a confused capital where all the constitutional institutions are looking defensive and trying to clear their respective positions due to some unwarranted statements of certain political circles.

Whereas the State organs perform their duties under the given mandate by the constitution of Pakistan but in my homeland contrary to world norms now it has become a fashion to display the respective performance through TV screen which is harming continuously the performance and the image of our institutions.

The capital is in the grip of rumours and there are some self-styled Einstein of Politics of Pakistan who are further confusing the people by their unwise statements with no substance and hitting the institutions with ulterior motives. Every day we encounter new phase of confusion that begins every evening on TV via talk shows. Unfortunately the print media is also contributing to create the hype which increases unwarranted confusions.

It was very unfortunate that recently some political parties and religious groups made the lives of people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi miserable by staging sit-ins without fear of law. The Dharna gave the impression that there is no rule of law and the command of Islamabad had gone in the hands of self-appointed king who was free to pass instruction fearlessly whereas the government functionaries were bowing this His Majesty. In fact, government allowed the religious outfit to enter Islamabad and do their activities fearlessly, which was very unwise decision on the part of the government.

Unfortunately, every time such protests and sits-in have made the writ of the government a laughing stock and painted Pakistan black in the outside world. Every time, this government has been found absolutely helpless, handicapped and incapacitated to deal with such agitators with no solid strategy to protect the lives and property of citizens. This unchecked recent aggression has further left the citizens unprotected and in the state of confusion.

The people of Pakistan were trying to digest the odd statements of some members of banned outfits and in the mean while here comes the statement of Speaker of National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq expressing his fears that “he does not see the assembly completing its tenure”. If we thoroughly analyse the statement given by an authoritative entity like Ayaz Sadiq then we may understand this is perhaps “inside story” revealed in the his statement. It is feared that something extraordinary serious had come to his attention compelling him to make such a claim against his own national assembly for which he is the custodian.

This statement by a high-ranking constitutional authority is too serious to be ignored. The nation still wants to know the underlying factors, which forced him to make this statement and in fact this statement has further confused Islamabad.

Every single passing day is making our institution disputed by some politician as these institutions are being hit directly both by PMLN and PTI, which has further contributed to create more and more confusion and it is perhaps for the first time in the recent past of legal history wherein Chief Justice had to come before the media to defend himself and his fellow judges against this anti judiciary propaganda.

It seems like that we are desperately searching for Baba Rehmat to come forward to clear this confusion and disappointments in the capital and act as our saviour. We, as the nation, are perhaps looking for “Rehmat “of Allah to shower on us and bless us with a Rehmat Baba to steer us out our present crises by clearing this utterly confused situation in the capital. In other words we are looking forward to divine help to finish unfortunate row between the politicians and Judiciary, and also other vital state organs.

This confusion and apprehensions in Parliament, judiciary and the government would lead us to irreversible national loss and the enemies of Pakistan can take advantage of such a confused and volatile situation in the capital. I think we will have to treat our constitution as “our Baba” to take guidance from in order to bring the real rule of law. Unfortunately, our governments make laws to rule but do not follow the laws to govern effectively. In fact our Baba is the constitution which is the real answer to our on-going rows and problems.

Let us make our constitution and rule of law as our Baba Rehmat and pray for Allah’s Rehmat (mercy) to guide us to the right path and to get the nation out of the present self-created crises.

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