Model Town decision


This is reference Lahore High Court decision directing Punjab Government to publish Justice Naqvi’s report about this sad episode. Use of proportionate force to restore order, arrest criminals and clear public roads of irregular check-posts and barricades is constitutional obligation of all state paid law enforcement apparatus.

While the right to protest is democratic, it cannot be exercised depriving other citizens of their basic fundamental rights. The Supreme Court has declared the agreement about Faizabad protest as unconstitutional.

This country has suffered enough and it is time to decide that right to form political parties, organize protests, contest elections or hold any public office vests only with those citizens of Pakistan who have not pledged loyalty to any other country. Right to decide fate of Pakistan should never be given to those who do not live here, nor pay any taxes. We have witnessed our financial hub Karachi systematically wrecked by a psychopath based in London holding a British nationality, as compared to its former status of a peaceful cosmopolitan city, home to various ethnicities. Can Dr Qadri or Altaf Hussain erect barricades blocking rite of passage on public roads outside their house in

Toronto? No they dare not to do so, because it is unlawful. The Judicial report about Model Town massacre, 12 May 2007 mayhem in Karachi, Baldia carnage, irregularity of handing over citizens of Pakistan in return for bounty by Musharraf or disproportionate use of force against Nawab Bugti and all other such excesses must be published and guilty punished so that Writ of Law and supremacy of constitution is restored. The Dharna Politics, a remnant of Mahatma Gandhi’s civil disobedience against British Raj must cease forthwith and replaced with peaceful protests within confines of constitutional limits without infringing on rights of other law abiding citizens. No religious group or political party should have right to form private armed militants under their umbrella, nor use force or threats of intimidation to enforce their political opinions on others.


Lahore, December 5.



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