One teacher, one student school in Layyah

LAYYAH –  There lies a ‘unique school’ in Layyah, which has only one teacher and a student amid tall claims of “Parho Punjab, Barho Punjab”, the Punjab chief minister’s campaign to ensure 100 percent enrolment in schools.

The Govt Model Primary School, Chak 95/TDA was handed over to Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) in February 2017. Residents of Chak 95/TDA rejected the decision made by the Education Department and got their children enrolled to other schools due to non-qualified staff appointed by the PEF in the school. There left only one student in the school. Initially, the PEF had appointed a teacher but soon gave up control of the school due to non-cooperation of parents.

The Nation correspondent contacted District Education Authority (DEA) CEO Shaukat Ali Sharwani who informed that the school was handed over to the PEF but the foundation gave up control of the school due to non-cooperation of parents. He said that the education department has now taken control of the school and has appointed two more teachers. The CEO informed that an admission campaign has been started which will continue till March, adding that many people have promised to get their children enrolled in the school.

Talking to The Nation, parents of children said that the PEF had appointed semi-literate teachers in the school after taking its control and that is why they got their children admitted to other schools. They requested the education department not to privatise public schools or hand over them to the PEF because the PEF controlled schools lack facilities and qualified staff.




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