Facts expose govt’s healthcare claims

LODHRAN –  The number of hepatitis patients has crossed the 125,000 figure here, and despite all the government claims and holding of medical camps, only 23,000 patients could be provided with medical facilities as of December 2017.

According to 2008 survey conducted on the government level regarding Hepatitis B and C, the total number of hepatitis patients in Pakistan exceeded 10 million. Moreover, Pakistan is on the second number globally with regard to lever diseases while China tops the list, according to the survey. The largest province of Pakistan in respect to population has more than 7 million patients of Hepatitis B and C while in 36 districts of Punjab Lodhran holds the 21st place.

Vehari and Hafizabad districts top the list in Punjab where lever diseases are spreading very quickly. During a research, it was found out that Lodhran District’s ratio of spreading Hepatitis C is 6.7 and Hepatitis B is 1.8 and since population of Lodhran has exceeded over 1.7 million. However, 126,000 people are patients of hepatitis B and C.

On government level, despite the major claims of providing health facilities and spreading awareness to stop the disease, only 23,000 patients could get medical treatment as of December 2017. In September 2017, in accordance with Chief Minister’s Programme, a camp was established in District Hospital where the screening of 9,000 patients was done while 3,000 people were diagnosed with the disease.

Their blood samples were sent to Lahore for PCR Test whose results are being received in phases and provision of medicine is also being made. However, it is noticeable that despite the announcements and government policies regarding the treatment of lever disease, more than 100,000 patients are whose who could not reach hospitals.

According to the people of Lodhran, awareness programme regarding the symptoms, treatment and precautionary measure is necessary without the discrimination of rural and urban areas. Health Department’s officials showed good performance in papers only and reports of crackdown are sent to higher authorities, the people said.

However, the district health officer said that for the tests and treatment of lever diseases, Hepatitis Centre has been inaugurated at District Headquarters Hospital where the patients are provided with the facility of free tests and medicines.

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