Social media ‘connecting people’

Take a look around you. Most likely, majority of people you see is bent forward towards glowing screens of their phones and tablets. Maybe they look up occasionally so that they don’t fall but whatever is appearing on their digital screens is taking them to a whole new world.

Gone are the days when families actually spoke around the dinner table. Today the same families are sitting around the same table next to each other but busy in swiping their Facebook newsfeed. Even restaurants are full of people but are more interested in the pictures of food they are taking for their snapchat accounts.

In a family nowadays, no one is actually connected to each other as compared to days before the creation of these traps of social sites. Kids are busy watching their cartoon episodes, teens are busy with Facebook, Snapchat and adults arc completely into their emails while the grandparents are sitting in the corners remembering their days and ways of connecting.

Social media has become our ultimate form of communication. It’s easier and more convenient to look someone up on Facebook than physically stay in touch with him or her or calling on the phone. Facebook has replaced this need to catch tip with old friends or meet up for coffee, because their entire life stories arc literally posted in front of our faces, to the point where it becomes hard to miss.

Saddest part of this story is that we see a group of friends sitting in a room busy with their cell phones anti not speaking a word with each other. This is the point where technology gets worst.

We need to take a deep thought on this and use social media within some limits and keep this point in mind that all the technology till date has some pros and some cons so we should be careful towards how we deal with technology.

-Syed Umair Hussain and Rana Muhammad Haris


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